Want To Try THM? I Can Help.

Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash

I have been talking about Trim Healthy Mama a lot. I love it. But I know it can seem overwhelming at first. I am an all in type of person but maybe that isn’t you.

I’d like to help you if you want to give it a try. So why don’t we try just having THM breakfasts for a week? It’s super easy.

You will be eating either S meals or E meals.

S means satisfying, and will be high in fat and low in carbs.

E means energizing and will be high in carbs and low in fats.

Protein is the center of every meal.

A Few Tips: If a recipe calls for Gentle Sweet I use Truvia. You have to use that actual brand Truvia because off brands add some filler that THM says is a no-no. So you will have to spend a bit more. Also, you can’t use the baking bags of Truvia because they too add the filler to bulk it up.

If a recipe calls for Super Sweet I use Stevia and just cut it in half-ish. You can make adjustments to your taste. Error on the side of less because you can always add more.


Feel free to repeat S or E’s as much as you like. I do recommend switching it up between S and E every few days but it’s food freedom so do it your way.

Here are some S ideas.

S is so easy, you can basically fry or scramble two or three eggs in butter or coconut oil (not olive oil because it changes at high heat) and have two pieces of bacon or sausage. I buy the bacon and sausage I can just microwave to make it easy for me, and much quicker. But if you can’t stand then then go ahead and cook up some.

If you want more throw in some non-strachy veggies. Zucchini is great for bulking up a meal. I also love red peppers and onions. Again, make it your own.

You can also sprinkle a little cheese but don’t go crazy. If you don’t have any meat you could use more cheese. We don’t abuse calories but we do have freedom.

I also like to make casseroles, cut it into eighths and freeze it, then pull it out as needed. This is a huge time saver when I am working.

Here is one (I haven’t tried it): Low-Carb Sausage Patty Casserole.

Or Bacon and Eggs Casserole. I would put less salt in it, it was way too much for me.

Don’t add hashbrowns if you are trying to loose weight, they are not weight loss friendly. I only add them because I am at goal weight. Adding a carb to a high fat meal makes it a crossover, meaning you won’t burn any calories because your body will busy working on the fat and the carbs. You only want to give your body one fuel (fat or carbs) at a time to burn.

If you don’t care for eggs you can do smoothies. Here are some I have found but not necessarily tried.

Pumpkin cheesecake. It calls for glucomanan but you can easily leave this out. Also, if you don’t have protein powder throw in some 1% cottage cheese to add protein, that’s what I have been doing and I don’t really like cottage cheese but in a smoothie I don’t really notice it.

Brownie Batter Shake. 

Peppermint Chocolate Chip Share. One of my favorites.

E meals take a little more effort but if you do overnight oats you can get those in the fridge the night before and take it out in the morning. Here are a few ideas that I like:

Blueberry French Toast Overnight Oats. You will need some special ingredients like maple and butter extract. It also says Super Sweet, which is a THM sweetener. I just cut it in half and use stevia. I also just used blueberries, not the jam. I threw on some Fat Free Redi Whip.

Creamy Maple and “Brown Sugar” Oatmeal. This is not an overnight recipe but was pretty good.

Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats. Redi Whip seems to make everything better.

Here are some shake ideas.

Low Fat Peach Smoothie.

Strawberry Banana Frosty. Lots of special ingredients are listed but I seriously wouldn’t worry about purchasing all of that. If you add some cottage cheese it will thicken it and give you the protein those others things would do.

Cherry Cobbler Smoothie.  I just tried this one and I LOVED it!! Don’t worry about not having the protein powder, add a little more cottage cheese.

Those are ones I have tried and liked or hope to try. I hope that helps you. Make a commitment for the next week to eat an S or E breakfast. Wait 2.5-3 hours before you eat your next meal.

We’ll move on to lunch next week 🙂


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