What Did I Eat 7/13-7/19?

Photo by Cecilia Par on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I am not a health expert. I am a wife, mother and music teacher who loves to find healthy recipes and share them. I am only sharing what has worked for me, I am in no way advising others on how they should eat. 

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I drink only water and a cup of coffee or two a day with Trim Healthy Mama approved creamer. I also drink unsweetened tea and I have discovered True Lemon. Kind of like Crystal Light but uses stevia…very good, my kids like this. They sell it at my local Meijer. I also drink Bai once in a while and since it’s summer I am trying Trim Healthy Mama Sippers and Good Girl Moonshines.

I follow the  Trim Healthy Mama plan, but I am at goal weight so I do a lot of Crossover meals, at least I am trying to do more Crossovers. This plan works so well I have dropped more weight because I haven’t done enough Crossover meals.

I exercise five times a week for twenty-five to thirty minutes. Only made it three times this week. My birthday was Monday and my hubby took me out for breakfast and Thursday I had a doctors appointment early in the morning. I walk when I am out at the campground and if I can’t do it early I don’t do it…it gets too hot!!

We rarely go out eat, I cook A LOT!! But I enjoy it.

7.13 Breakfast: Big Egg Scram from THT

Lunch: I made my first wonder wrap from THT, version two, it was okay. I might be because I use my own baking blend and not  THM but it had a desserty kind of taste to it. But I put turkey, mayo, bacon and cheese on it. It was pretty good. I made some peanut butter cookie dough yogurt, as long as I got a bite of chocolate chip with it I liked it.

Snack: Grabbed some Panino mozzarella sicks wrapped in salami from Meijer since I was getting groceries. This is a great grab and go snack.

Dinner: Tuscan Cream Chicken from THT I have mine over zoodles, yum!

Snack: THM Chocolate chip cookies

7.14 Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs Cottage Casserole

Lunch: Tuscan Cream Chicken, didn’t like it as much today, not sure why…

Snack: Hmmm, I can’t remember

Dinner: Cheeseburger Quesadilla. My husband raved about these.  Added a salad.

Snack: Can’t remember

7.15 Breakfast: Oatmeal on the Go cups

Lunch: Cheeseburger Quesadilla

Snack: Greekie Swirl

Dinner: Bringing Back Sloppy Joes. This is NOT my favorite sloppy joe recipe but it is easy. We had peas with it.

Snack: I really am having trouble remembering my snacks. I need to do this daily but I get wrapped up doing other things.

7.16 Breakfast: Today is my birthday and my husband surprised me and took me out for breakfast. I had a crossover: omelet and hashbrowns. I was so excited, the place we went had stevia for sweetener!!! I couldn’t believe it, so I could be good while I drank my coffee.

Lunch: Turkey wrapped in a lavish break with cheese, mayo and onion. Also had a salad

Snack: Skinny pop and Babybel

Dinner: Lentil and Chicken Sausage soup from THT. Not a fan.

Snack: Well, it is my birthday so we went to my favorite ice cream place and I ate what I wanted, Hot Fudge Banana Royal. I ate it all and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt.

7.17 Breakfast: Succulent Egg Sammie from THM Cookbook

Lunch: Leftover soup.

Snack: Cheesecake crunch from THM Cookbook. I love this, it is sooo good. It’s almost like eating ice cream.

Dinner: Chili dogs (no bun, no beans) with cheese, and onions. And I made some cole slaw from THM Cookbook. Good stuff.

Snack: THM Chocolate chip cookies from THM Cookbook

7.18 Breakfast: Cheesy Omelet from the first THM book

Lunch: Chili dogs and cole slaw

Snack: Mozz sticks and salami

Dinner: Cowboy Grub from THM Cookbook (one of my favs)

Snack: Chocolate Banana muffin. Got crazy and put some sugar-free chocolate syrup on top and whipped cream, took it to a whole different level. I also made my first trimmy. It’s a coffee with collagen and coconut oil (MTC oil is preferred but I don’t have any).

7.19 Breakfast: THM pancakes with blueberries and yogurt.

Lunch: Leftover Cowboy Grub

Snack: Greekie Swirl

Dinner: Ten-Minute Chinese Salad from THT. So good, I really liked this!!

Snack: I got creative from looking at other THMers on instragram and I made a Lemon Cake from THM Cookbook piled on some Redi Whip and added some raspberries. This is one of the best desserts I have from from THM. Sooo good.

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