I’m Still Here

Photo by Rithika Gopalakrishnan on Unsplash

With the start of a new school year I have been crazy busy. I took on directing our high school play and I am the freshman class adviser. Both my kids are involved in sports and my husband coaches a sport. So, yes, I have been busy. But I am still staying on plan.

Interestingly, I have to eat more and more crossovers now that I am back to work and moving around so much. I noticed pounds slipping off me and I am really at the bottom of my BMI and shouldn’t loose anymore weight. I don’t tell you that to brag but to say Trim Healthy Mama works.

Several ladies I work with are jumping on plan now. It’s fun to see their excitement and hear their stories (losing seven pounds in three weeks!!).

If you stay on plan and follow their tips you will have results. I never thought I would be getting on the scale to make sure I don’t loose any weight. That is just crazy to me.

Once life slows down I will get back to tracking my food, but right now I’m not going to worry about it and just enjoy where I am at right now.

Enjoy this fall weather!

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