I’m really am still here

Happy Summer!

I just read the last post I wrote. That’s cute, I thought I would get back to blogging here and tracking my food. Obviously that didn’t happen.

But I wanted to say I am still a Trim Healthy Mama. I have maintained my weight. I did put on about five pounds when I took my choir to New York but I didn’t stress it and I am back to where I was before.

Honestly, I do cheat more then I used to, but my body seems to be okay with it because I’m not packing on the weight. And when I say cheat I mean like one meal or snack a week. I am pretty faithful about staying on plan.

I really can’t imagine ever going back to how I ate before. Anyone can do this, but it does take time.

The ladies I work with who tried it only did it for a few weeks and then switched again to something else. This is a slow and steady weightloss for the most part, not a quick drop. You have to heal your body first and then the weight will come off.

I firmly believe this is the best way to eat for life. You can see my past posts to learn more about THM.

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