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I’m really am still here

Happy Summer!

I just read the last post I wrote. That’s cute, I thought I would get back to blogging here and tracking my food. Obviously that didn’t happen.

But I wanted to say I am still a Trim Healthy Mama. I have maintained my weight. I did put on about five pounds when I took my choir to New York but I didn’t stress it and I am back to where I was before.

Honestly, I do cheat more then I used to, but my body seems to be okay with it because I’m not packing on the weight. And when I say cheat I mean like one meal or snack a week. I am pretty faithful about staying on plan.

I really can’t imagine ever going back to how I ate before. Anyone can do this, but it does take time.

The ladies I work with who tried it only did it for a few weeks and then switched again to something else. This is a slow and steady weightloss for the most part, not a quick drop. You have to heal your body first and then the weight will come off.

I firmly believe this is the best way to eat for life. You can see my past posts to learn more about THM.

What Did I Eat 8/3-8/9?

Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I am not a health expert. I am a wife, mother and music teacher who loves to find healthy recipes and share them. I am only sharing what has worked for me, I am in no way advising others on how they should eat. 

Click links to see recipes or products.

I drink only water and a cup of coffee or two a day with Trim Healthy Mama approved creamer. I also drink unsweetened tea and I have discovered True Lemon. Kind of like Crystal Light but uses stevia…very good, my kids like this. They sell it at my local Meijer. I also drink Bai once in a while and since it’s summer I am trying Trim Healthy Mama Sippers and Good Girl Moonshines.

I follow the  Trim Healthy Mama plan, but I am at goal weight so I do a lot of Crossover meals, at least I am trying to do more Crossovers. This plan works so well I have dropped more weight because I haven’t done enough Crossover meals.

I exercise five times a week for twenty-five to thirty minutes.

We rarely go out eat, I cook A LOT!! But I enjoy it.

8.3 Breakfast: Bring On Da Buttah Pancakes and sausage.

Lunch: Turkey Club Salad from The British Tea Garden

Snack: No bake cookies, so good.

Dinner: Totally Dope Chicken from THT on my new favorite bread, WWBB. I like this. I also sauteed some zucchini with onions and red peppers, yum!

Snack: I cheated and had this ice cream bar they have at the campground that is made in Michigan. It was covered in chocolate with vinalla ice cream, raspberry and graham cracker crust..yum.

8.4 Breakfast: Apple Overnight Oats. I have to say I doctored this up a lot. I added more salt, some THM syrup and so FF Redi Whip. I haven’t found an overnight oats that THM friendly that I love but they are okay. I prefer the baked oatmeals I have been making and then freeze.

Lunch: Leftover scalloped potatoes and green beans.

Snack: Protein Praline bar and a protein chocolate milk

Dinner: Brats, I had mine on a salad

Snack: Zucchini Cinnamon Muffin

8.5 Breakfast: Cinnimon Peacan Pancake from THT

Lunch: Totally Dope Chicken and salad, I ate really late (almost 2:00) so I had a Double Chocolate Chip Cookie (THT) as a dessert since I figured I wouldn’t eat a snack today.

Dinner: Ranch Hand Salad, this was pretty good. I get so excited when I can have tortilla chips with a meal because I don’t eat them a lot anymore.

Snack: Peach muffin and an iced coffee (THM friendly of course)

8.6 Breakfast: Trim Healthy Mama Pancakes with strawberries and yogurt, I love this!

Lunch: Leftover salad

Snack: Salted Caramel Gluccie Pudding from THM Cookbook. I have been wanting to try this and now I have Gluccie so I can. You have get over the fact that it isn’t pudding, it’s different. At first I really didn’t care for it but it grew on me. Not sure if it’s something I would crave though.

Dinner: Chicken Cakes from THT and sauteed zucchini.

Snack:  Zucchini Cinnamon Muffin

8.7 Breakfast: Oatmeal on the Go cups

Lunch: Leftover chicken cakes and peanut butter cookie dough yogurt

Snack: Praline Protein Bar

Dinner: Slimming Spaghetti from THT, yum!

Snack: Zucchini Cinnamon Muffin

8.8 Breakfast: Two eggs, hashbrowns, and veggies

Lunch: Leftover Chicken Cakes and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Yogurt

Snack: Peach Smoothie (I had to add a lot more stevia to make this sweet enough for me)

Dinner: Double Chocolate cookies THT

8.9 Breakfast: Cinnamon Pecan Pancakes from  THT

Lunch: Slimming Speghetti

Snack: Cheese and peanuts…had some beef jerky later because I got groceries and it was a long afternoon

Dinner: Slimming Sloppy Joes from THT salad

Snack: Briana Thomas Chocolate Chip Cookies



What’s For Dinner?

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash

Have you started implementing THM in your life?

The last two weeks I gave suggestions for breakfast and lunch. Today we tackle dinner. You can make it as simple or complicated as you want. I tend to like complicated but when I am camping I do try to make things easier.

Let’s start with S meals (high fat-low carb)

Honestly, you can do any Keto recipe here, they are everywhere. These meals do line-up with the Keto.

You can make a hamburger, no bun but put any other topping you want on there. Use sugar-free ketchup, I can’t taste the difference. You can even use regular mayo, the amount of sugar is so small it won’t hurt you.

If you don’t like red meat you can make a turkey burger and just put the fat on it in the form of cheese, avocados, guacamole, or maybe fry it up in some coconut oil so you are getting those good healthy fats in there.

For a side you can do a salad, or any non-strachie veggie, and can even cook it in butter.

You can also have steak, pork chops, Brats, Hot Dogs, really any type of meat you want.

If you want recipes (that’s how I work) here are some I have tried.

Cheeseburger Quesadilla (love this one)

Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Tiny Tasty Tacos

Cauliflower Chowder, one of my favorites

Easy Taco Pie, I put this on a bed of lettuce

Here are some E meal ideas:

For these meals you need a lean mean, like chicken, turkey or a very lean hamburger (venison would work). You want to keep the fat very minimal. Chicken sausage would work too.

You want a gentle carb here like a sweet potato (no butter though, could use 0% yogurt), quinoa (3/4 cup) or brown rice (1/2 a cup), or carrots.

You can to add some type of veggie or salad with the carb but don’t add any fat to it, or keep it to 1 tsp. You can open a can a green beans and that is fine or make a salad.

Remember if you are in weight-mode you can’t have the white potato. Once you are at goal weight you can add them once in a while but I honestly hardly ever eat white potatoes anymore.

Here are some recipes:

Chicken Apple Sausage with Cabbage Noodles (I never thought I would like cabbage noodles but I really do)

Peachy Crockpot Chicken

Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole (don’t worry if you don’t have poppy seeds, I didn’t).

I was a carb queen so it’s surprising to don’t do more E meals but I find the S meals a bit more yummy and . . . satisfying (ha, ha).

Alternate between S and E meals and remember you can have leftovers for lunch now!

Next week we’ll talk about snacks.



Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook on sale

download (4)Hey, just wanted to pass this on. The THM Cookbook, that I constantly use, is on sale for Kindle on Amazon for $1.99!!! Normally $14.99.

Now is a great time to check it out. If you like it I would recommend buying the acutal cookbook because it’s much easier to work with, but if money is tight grab this deal while you can.

Here is the link: Click here. 

What Did I Eat 6/8-6/14?

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I am not a health expert. I am a wife, mother and music teacher who loves to find healthy recipes and share them. I am only sharing what has worked for me, I am in no way advising others on how they should eat. 

Click links to see recipes or products.

I drink only water and a cup of coffee or two a day with Trim Healthy Mama approved creamer. With warm weather I will have started drinking unsweetened tea and I have discovered True Lemon. Kind of like Crystal Light but uses stevia…very good, my kids like this. They sell it at my local Meijer. I also drink Bai once in a while.

I follow the  Trim Healthy Mama plan, but I am at goal weight so I do a lot of Crossover meals, at least I am trying to do more Crossovers. This plan works so well I have dropped more weight because I haven’t done enough Crossover meals.

I exercise four times a week for twenty minutes. (I will be upping this as I will not be working for the summer and need to be more active, this is the time of year I pack on weight)

We rarely go out eat, I cook A LOT!! But I enjoy it.

6.8 Breakfast: The Big Boy Egg Scram from Trim Healthy Table. I can’t believe how good this was. There are a lot of weird ingredients in this I wasn’t sure I would like it, but I really did.

Lunch: Leftover Peachy chicken and rice

Snack: Bean salsa, blue corn chips and a Babybel

Dinner: I threw some chicken breast in the crockpot and dumped some sugar-free BBQ sauce over it. Wrapped in lavish bread and made some Sweet and Creamy Cole Slaw from THM Cookbook. 

Snack: Raspberry muffin with glosting from THM Cookbook. 

6.9 Breakfast: Trim Healthy Pancakes (E) topped with 0% yogurt, blueberries and THM Syrup. Sometimes I look at my breakfast and am amazed that I am eating healthy and can loose weight eating this way.

Lunch: Leftover sloppy joe on a lavish bread and some green beans


I didn’t update this as I went and I have forgotten a lot of what I ate this week…

6.10 Breakfast: On the Go Oatmeal cups from THM Cookbook

6.11 Breakfast: Bring on da buttah pancakes from THM Cookbook

Lunch: Went out to eat with my Thespian officers, I had a chicken feta wrap and fries

Snack: Greekie Swirl

Dinner: Chicken Florentine over zoodles THM Cookbook

Snack: ??

6.12 Breakfast: BLT Frittata

Lunch: Took my son out for lunch to celebrate the last day of school and I made the choice not to stay on plan. I did get a sandwich from McDonalds without a bun but I still ate the fries.

Snack: Berry Cheesecake Crunch THM Cookbook

Dinner: Yikes! I tried the oragne chicken from THM Cookbook. I don’t know if I did something wrong but it was too salty, I couldn’t stomach it. I ended up using the chicken (because the sauce wasn’t on it) and making a salad.

Snack: Bust a myth banana bam cake from THM Cookbook

6.13 Breakfast: Nana’s fluffy omelet form THM Cookbook

Lunch: Chicken salad

Snack: Banana oat shake from THM Cookbook

Dinner: I sauteed some leftover cabbage and used up the leftover chicken florentine

Snack: Chocolate chip muffin

6.14 Breakfast: I had a breakfast that is full on crossover. I used to eat it a lot before I started THM and I love it. This is not weightloss friendly, however, I did continue to loose weight when I was eating it once in a while. This is my favorite overnight oats recipe: Strawberry Overnight Oats. 

Lunch: Turkey in Ezekiel bread, laughing cow cheese and red peppers. I also had a few potato chips.

Snack: Was on the go so I just had a handful of pecans

Dinner: Chicken Alfredo over zoodles from THM Cookbook

Snack: Brainy Blueberry muffin from THM Cookbook


My Journey to Better Health Part 4

Photo by Paul Van Bloem on Unsplash

I will admit when I first started following the Faithful Workouts menu I just wanted to eat. I remember crying out, “I’m tired of being hungry!” All I could think about was the awesome ice cream place close to the campground and how much I wanted to go devour a huge strawberry sundae.

The funny thing is when I finally did indulge in one I couldn’t eat it all. I only could eat about half.

The scale didn’t move for quite a while but I kept pressing on. Mainly because I started to see food as fuel for my body not just satisfaction. For me that mind-set changed everything.

I began to see that what I put in my body mattered and it was meant to keep my body operating the way God intended it.

This was all last summer so we where at the campground a lot. When I was home I would do the workouts on the computer but when I was at the campground I made the biggest sacrifice of all (sarcasm here). I got up early and walked. This is actually a big deal for me because I love sleeping in when I am camping. But when you basically live at the campground you can’t make that normal. So I started getting up and walking.

And guess what? I loved doing that. The time alone in the woods on the trails was so fulfilling. I loved the quite time in nature. I can’t wait to do it again.

By September, when school started I had lost about fifteen pounds. I couldn’t believe it. Even more amazing, I wasn’t craving all the junk I used too.

But now the real test, would I be able to keep this up when I went back to work?

Find out next week 🙂

What Did I Eat 1/26-2/1?

Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I am not a health expert. I am a wife, mother and music teacher who loves to find healthy recipes and share them. I am only sharing what has worked for me, I am in no way advising others on how they should eat. 

Click links to see recipes or products.

I drink only water and a cup of coffee or two a day.

I exercises four times a week for twenty minutes.

1.26 Breakfast: We are staying in a hotel in Grand Rapids and they don’t serve breakfast. I knew this ahead of time and brought a healthy option. I made Oatmeal Breakfast Bites. However, I made them in a 8×8 pan and cut them into sixths.

Lunch: It is hard to make healthy choices when you go out to eat, everything I used to eat sounds so tempting, so I compromised. I got a wrap with turkey, spinach, red peppers. It came with 1,000 Island dressing. In hindsight I could have substituted that with Dijon but I didn’t. I did get the tater tots, they were yummy, but I didn’t eat them all.

No snacks, I was full from lunch and in conferences all day

Dinner: We went to a burger place. I tried some thing totally new and got a vegan burger. It was made of white beans. A bit mushy but it tasted good. I ate all the fries this time and I had a couple of drinks (rarely will I do this).

1.27 Breakfast: Oatmeal Breakfast Bites.

Lunch: Stopped at a restaurant on the way home from Grand Rapids and got a chicken, apple, cranberry, walnut wrap with a vinaigrette dressing and homemade chips. It was pretty yummy.

Dinner: Finally home and need to get groceries yet so I pulled one of my leftover bags out of the freezer and had a salad with it.

Snack: Larabar

1.28 Breakfast: The Best Breakfast Casserole

Snack: Had my snack at a weird time because we were at a volleyball tournament and I was already hungry. So I had Healthy Gingerbread Snack Cake

Lunch: Turkey sandwich in whole wheat organic bread, with provolone cheese, onion, red pepper and Dijon mustard. I also had some plain kettle chips and grapes.

Dinner: Rotisserie chicken (bought last night when I got groceries and knew I wouldn’t have time to cook) and riced cauliflower risotto by Green Giant. I added a little butter and garlic powder.

Snack: Fruit Smoothie

1.29 Breakfast: Carrot and Walnut Breakfast Loaf from October 2017 Clean Eating magazine.

Lunch: Leftover riced cauliflower risotto and chicken. Apple with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Snack: Black bean salsa and Late July Chia and Quinoa chips

Dinner: Portobello Lettuce Cups. There were so yummy. I was pleasantly surprised. The download (1)rest of my family had chicken instead of mushrooms. Got this recipe from Clean Eating October 2017.

Snack: Chocolate Brownie Bite

1.30 Breakfast: The Best Breakfast Casserole

Lunch: Leftover Portobello Lettuce Cup and grapes

Snack: Black bean salsa and Late July Chia and Quinoa chips

Dinner: Spanish chickpea and red bell pepper soup 61c89qy5SVLfrom Clean Eating Jan/Feb 2018 issue. I also made a grilled cheese from a tortilla made by Tumaro, only sixty calories. Didn’t really care for the soup.

Snack: No Bake Pumpkin Spice Latte Bites

1.31 Breakfast: Oatmeal Breakfast Bites.

Lunch: Leftover Portobello Lettuce Cup and grapes

Snack: Larabar

Dinner: Clean Eating Slow Cooker Italian Chicken and a salad. This was okay but my family didn’t like it so I probably won’t make it again.

Snack: No Bake Pumpkin Spice Latte Bites

2.1 Breakfast: The Best Breakfast Casserole

Lunch: Leftover Clean Eating Slow Cooker Italian Chicken  and some grapes

Snack: Black bean salsa and Late July Chia and Quinoa chips

Dinner: Roasted parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, red onion and all natural turkey sausage, tossed with olive oil, garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Oh my, this was so good and easy to make. I would definitely do this again, maybe add carrots instead of parsnips, but I loved this.

Snack: Healthy Gingerbread Snack Cake

What Did I Eat This Week? 1/19-1/25

Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I am not a health expert. Just a mom, wife, teacher who has tried this and has seen results. Everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you. Click on the links for products or recipes. 

I drink mostly water and coffee in the morning, occasionally I’ll have another coffee with a sweet snack later in the day.

I exercise four times a week.

1/19 Breakfast: Bacon Hashbrown  and Egg Casserole

Lunch: Had a gift card and coupons for Subway and the kids and I had a half day of school so we went to Subway. Got a six inch with turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, green pepper and honey mustard. Had a bag of baked chips at home so had a few of those too.

Snack: Leftover Creamy Chicken Wild Rice soup.

Dinner: Crockpot BBQ Chicken. I ate it without a bun and Birds Eye Steamfresh Protein Blend Italian Style.  Yummy. I was really impressed with the flavor of the Birds Eye. A great quick side when you don’t have time to cook.

Snack: Chocolate Brownie Bite

1/21 Breakfast: Hashbrowns, one egg and veggies

Lunch: Leftover Shepard’s Pie and grapes

Snack: So…my daughter and I went to Toledo today and I had coupons for Tim Horton’s and a little money on a gift card so I was bad and had a muffin that was very high in calories and I drank half of a French Vanilla. No guilt, I don’t do this often 🙂

Dinner: Rosemary Dijon Pork Tenderloin. Got this recipe from Clean Eating October download (1)2017. Wow, this was surprisingly very tasty. However, it took way longer to cook the pork then the recipes said. Make sure you take the temperature.

Snack: Larabar (had to try a new flavor I bought, Cinnamon Roll…it was okay, I wouldn’t buy it again. )

1/22 Breakfast: Blueberry Almond Oatmeal Cups

Lunch: Leftover Butter Chicken with brown rice and carrot sticks. I’ve decided I don’t like this recipe.

Snack: Healthy Gingerbread Snack Cake

Dinner: Zucchini Lasagna from Clean Eating October 2017 issue. We added deer meat to ours. It was okay, probably won’t make it again.

Snack: Larabar

1/22 Breakfast: Bacon Hashbrown  and Egg Casserole

Lunch: Leftover Zucchini Lasagna and grapes

Snack: Larabar

Dinner: Skinny Chicken Enchiladas These were a hit, yummy!!! Would definitely make them again.

Snack: Healthy Gingerbread Snack Cake

1/23 Breakfast: Carrot and Walnut Breakfast Loaf from October 2017 Clean Eating magazine.

Lunch: Leftover Skinny Chicken Enchiladas with some grapes.

Snack: Black bean salsa and Late July Chia and Quinoa chips

Dinner: Fried Crappy my two men caught ice fishing on Saturday and homemade potato wedges in the oven. This isn’t healthy but it’s definitely fresh and yummy.

Snack: No Bake Pumpkin Spice Latte Bites

1/24 Breakfast: The Best Breakfast Casserole (I didn’t name this, the website I got the recipe from did, but it is good)

Lunch: Leftover Skinny Enchiladas with some grapes…and…I walked into the teacher’s lounge and there on the middle of the table beautifully displayed, was a platter of brownies with frosting and pretty sprinkles. I looked at them and thought, “I’m going to eat one.” And I did :),

Snack: Larabar

Dinner: Easy Paleo Crock Pot Roast. Used deer roast in this…so tender.

Snack: Chocolate Brownie Bite

1/25 Breakfast: The Best Breakfast Casserole

Lunch: Last of the Skinny Chicken Enchiladas and grapes

Snack: Black bean salsa and Late July Chia and Quinoa chips

Snack: we were headed to a music teacher conference two hours from home and I knew I probably wouldn’t eat supper until 8pm so I ate a Larabar in the car.

Dinner: Tried a new resturant in Grand Rapids…not very good service. Anyway, tried to make a somewhat healthy choice. Hubby wanted pizza so we got a chicken pesto pizza. It had a very thin crust…almost like a tortilla. So I don’t think it was too bad. I also resisted the urge to get a pop, I was craving one, but stuck with water. TodayI might not be as good.




My Journey to Better Health Part 2

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Last spring as soon as we started camping I put on five pounds. By July I was at an all time high. I had my “annual” doctors appointment and getting on the scale made me come face to face with my unhealthy lifestyle.

As I would sit on the deck reading I would THINK about how I SHOULD be moving. I did try a few exercises ONE day (seriously, I did it once) but I didn’t do anything consistent. I knew the way I ate should also play a role but I didn’t know where to begin and what would work for ME.

I needed a clear-cut plan that would make it simple for me. I needed someone to tell me what to do, what to eat and have it be something that wasn’t a diet but a new lifestyle.

I had a well-check with my regular doctor and she said my cholesterol was very high, but so was my good cholesterol. She said if she put me on medicine it would also take down the good cholesterol. She asked if I exercised and I said no. She said if I started just doing that it would probably take down the bad cholesterol and I wouldn’t have to take any meds.

Leaving that doctor’s appointment I knew something had to change. I wanted to be healthy and I didn’t want to take medicine to get there.

I love how God works and how He answers prayers that aren’t even spoken.

The next day I found my answer in my inbox.

For Hubby (and his lady friends)

Photo by elizabeth lies on Unsplash

I’m totally okay with joking about this. My husband is a teacher and that career is dominated by women, so my husband works with mostly women. When money got tight years ago and I started teaching at a pre-school we found many ways to save money. One was to make homemade granola bars for his lunch. So I found a recipe and he loved them and so did the teachers he worked with (which were all women).

But with my recent change in perspective on health I see that what I was making him was killing him and we needed to find healthy granola bars. I have found a few recipes he likes but I will share his favorite today. I do tweek the recipe a bit, thanks to the suggestion of this “lady friends” and it was a big hit. Probably not as healthy.

The recipe calls for two cups of oats. I split that and do one cup of oats and one cup of rice krispie cereal. I actually double the whole recipe to fill a 13×9 pan, so it ends up being two cups of each. I also use natural peanut butter, not almond butter, basically because it takes so much and almond butter is crazy expensive.

Here is the recipe. Hope you enjoy it!