It’s Snack Time!!

I hope these posts are helping if you are considering diving into THM.

Snacks don’t have to be difficult. You can honestly go to pinterest and look of THM smoothies are shakes, they are everywhere and make a good filling snack.

If you want something more grab and go here are a few ideas:

In the deli section you can buy cheese wrapped in salami, this is sooo yummy but it’s expensive. You can make your own but it’s just not as good, I tried this. This is an S

I have discovered if I buy block cheese and wrap it in turkey or eat with nuts I really like that. S meal.

You can also eat Babybel cheese.

Triple Zero Yogurt is on plan.

If you eat it with an apple that will be an E meal.

If you eat it with cheese it will be an S or Fuel Pull (I’m not really sure). Fuel Pull means there isn’t much fat or carbs, but I’m not sure with the yogurt and cheese if that has enough Fat to make is an S.

If you eat a Triple Zero with some granola that makes it an E too. I like the Nature Valley Protein bag, just make sure you stay in the serving size or you will go over the carb limit.

Of course if you go on pinterest you can find many recipes for cookies and muffins. I have many boards with recipes you can take a look at.

Hope this helps!


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