Let’s Do Lunch

Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

Last week I gave you suggestions for starting THM. Begin with breakfast.

Today will give you lunch ideas. Now honestly, I typically eat leftovers but once in while I will make something. Since we haven’t gotten to dinner yet I will give you lunch ideas but don’t worry about if you don’t mind leftovers. Once we get to dinners you can just heat up those if you like them. I know some people hate leftovers.

Lunch can be pretty simple if you want it to be.

S meals (Satisfying-high fat)

You can find a low carb wrap or pita. I have used Joseph’s Lavish or Pitas. I tried, for the first time on Sunday, Mission low-carb. The white ones have 6 net carbs, but the whole wheat of 4. I bought the white ones hoping my family will start eating those so I ate one. But really I would probably choose the whole wheat.

What can you put it on it?

Well, remember S meals can have fat. So you can use fatty meat if you want, like roast beef or ham. I like turkey best but then I can add more fat other ways.

So you can put cheese on, mayo, non-starchie veggies, lettuce, spinach, avocado, or guacamole, bacon.

What if you don’t want a sandwich?

You can make a salad. Basically make it like you would a sandwich but with a lot of lettuce instead of the wrap. You can even put ranch on it but don’t go crazy, we don’t abuse calories. I have come to love olive oil and apple cider vinegar as a dressing on my salads with chicken, bacon and feta cheese and LOTS of veggies.

What about sides? I’m not full.

Have a Triple Zero Yogurt, or some berries, or a salad.

What if we go out for lunch?

Most places you can order a burger without the bun and they won’t even look at you weird. I did that at McDonalds and they put it in a nice bowl for me. You can get a salad instead of fries, voila, you have an S lunch!

E Lunches (Higher Carbs-Low Fat)

So for E lunches you want to remember to keep fat low. This means NO mayo or bacon or other fatty meat. Turkey or chicken, or even fish if you want to get fancy (I don’t) is what you need to focus on.

You can put this lunch meat on sprouted bread like Ezekiel bread. I find this a my local Meijer, I think most stores sell it. I think Aldi’s also sells a sprouted bread.

You can put Light Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese on it and some veggies.

You could also make a salad basically like above but no ranch. It would have to be a low fat dressing. I don’t have numbers for ya, I’m not that educated on THM yet but a vinaigrette would be best, something not oil based. You would need to add some carbs in with some quinoa or rice, or beans…

What about sides?

Triple Zero Yogurt works here too. You could probably have half of an apple or a few grapes, or a salad with a low fat dressing.

Going out for lunch?

E meals are harder to do when you go out to eat because the fries are not weight-loss friendly so you can’t really say you are having an E meal. If they have sweet potato fries or brown rice you can do that. But fast-food won’t have the option (at least none that I have been to). It’s best just to plan on doing an S when you go out and are just learning the plan, less to think about.

If you begin your day with one of the breakfasts from last week and then have one of the lunches above you are on your way to better health. Make sure you wait 2.5-3 hours before you eat again.

Next week we will tackle dinner.


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