What Did I Eat 3/16-3/22?

Disclaimer: I am not a health expert. I am a wife, mother and music teacher who loves to find healthy recipes and share them. I am only sharing what has worked for me, I am in no way advising others on how they should eat. Click links to see recipes or products.

I drink only water and a cup of coffee or two a day with creamer (but I am starting to make my own, healthier, version) because there are just some things a girl can’t give up.

I am making the transition to the  Trim Healthy Mama plan. I am very excited about this.

I exercise four times a week for twenty minutes (except this week, as I am directing the musical and it is show week and I am exhausted, so I am allowing myself to sleep in a bit which means no exercises…but I still ate healthy!!).

We rarely go out eat, I cook A LOT!! But I enjoy it.

3.16 Breakfast: Giant Blueberry Baked Pancake from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook with THM syrup and two sausages. I baked this up in a 9×13 pan cut it into sixths and froze it. Easy breakfast. It isn’t as sweet as I want it to be but it is okay, I don’t mind eating. Maybe more syrup next time?

Lunch: Pizza. Oh yes I did!! Made with Perfect Pizza crust from THM Cookbook, with all the toppings I wanted. It was very good. I love that I can still eat “normal” food just with a twist and it’s not killing me inside. I also had a small side salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Snack: Wasa crackers and  Laughing Cow Creamy Light Swiss .

I had a Babybel around 5:15 because we were going out with friends for dinner and I was already very hungry.

Dinner: As stated above we were going out with friends. So…I know I could have easily stayed on plan when we went out but I am at goal weight and giving myself a treat doesn’t throw me off or make me crave the stuff I used to eat. If you know you would struggle if you give in then DON’T. Stay on plan. But I had pulled pork with a sweet bbq sauce, which would have been fine without the sweet sauce. Green beans with bacon (this is still on plan) and then a side of fries (not on plan). I typically don’t even eat all the fries but I did yesterday.

Snack: No snack, I was too full.

3.17 Breakfast: Two eggs, veggies, a small portion of hash browns and a bit of cheese.

Lunch: Whacha Want Chicken from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook over quinoa.

Snack: Salted-Carmel Fat-Stripping Frappa from THM Cookbook. 

Dinner: Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and my hubby is Irish but I forgot to buy Corned Beef so we aren’t eating a St. Patty’s Day meal. We are having Taco Time from THM Cookbook, which is basically what it says, tacos. I had mine over lettuce though, no shell.

3.18 Breakfast: Mufflet from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Lunch: Happy Noodle Stir Fry. I didn’t have THM noodles so I did eat this over brown rice. With the cabbage though you could eat this without any noodles or rice.

Snack: Single Serve Sugar Cookie. Oh, this was yummy, probably use less salt next time but I enjoyed this.

Dinner: Chicken Fiesta Casserole. I wasn’t too sure about this. I felt like it was going to need more substance but it was actually very yummy. I realized I didn’t buy enough diced tomatoes but I poured in a jar of salsa, it worked beautifully. I baked some Joseph Lavish bread into chips and sprinkled them on top. We also has roasted broccoli. 

Snack: Brainy Blueberry Muffin (yum) from THM Coookbook. 

3.19 Breakfast: Breakfast Casserole from THM Cookbook. 

Lunch: Leftover dinner from last night.

Snack: Two Wasa crackers with Laughing Cow Cheese.

Dinner: Spicy Lemon Shrimp, but used chicken and Everybody’s Favorite Salad.

Snack: Strawberry Muffin from THM Cookbook

3.20 Breakfast: Mufflet from THM Cookbook

Lunch: Leftover Happy Noodle Stir Fry.over quinoa and had some grapes

Snack:  Triple Zero yogurt by Oikos and an apple

Dinner: Italian Chicken bake…didn’t really care for this

Snack: Oatmeal Chip Muffins.

3.21 Breakfast: Breakfast Casserole THM Cookbook. I also made a few hashbrowns

Lunch: Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Snack: Two Babybels

Dinner: Pork Chop Dinner with cabbage

Snack: Strawberry Cheesecake Shake from THM Cookbook. This is so good. At rehearsal  a parent brought pizza and I ate a piece.

3.22 Breakfast: Giant Blueberry Baked Pancake from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook with THM syrup and two sausages.

Lunch: Leftover Taco Time from THM Cookbook. Grapes

Snack: Two Wasa crackers with Laughing Cow Cheese.

Dinner: White Chicken Lasagna with a side salad.

Snack: Pumpkin Spice Loaf 

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