My Journey to Better Health Part 7

51aZffvnkOL._AC_US200_To recap: I started with Faithful Workouts in July of 2017 and continued with the exercises and still do them. I transitioned from their menu to creating my own in September/October. I would say I was leaning a lot toward clean eating during that time (October-February).

Then one Sunday evening, as I was killing time in Meijer while my daughter had volleyball practice, I went to look at the cookbooks, as had become my normal routine since I was always looking for new recipes.

My eyes fell upon a cookbook called Trim Healthy Table. I glanced through it and it seemed like a “thing” I had never heard of it. But the ingredients looked similar to what I was using except for some special names like THM Baking Blend, and THM Super Sweet, etc.

I mentally put that cookbook on my list for my next trip to Meijer.

In the meantime I researched this whole Trim Healthy Mama thing and realized it was a community of (mostly) women looking to get healthy. And even more exciting for me was that these two sisters who developed this plan are Christians.

I quickly requested their book (not the cookbook) from the library ( for those that are in Michigan). And I read and started listening to their podcasts (found on the website). I listen to them as I get ready in the morning and find them so encouraging.

I was sold. What they said made sense, it’s all about blood sugar. I see it in my own family. My mom and brother has diabetes, my husband has blood sugar crashes (and I get them too after a breakfast of pancakes and syrup).

I learned all I could about this plan and bought the cookbook. I was astounded that I could eat what was in that book and still be healthy.

I ordered their Baking Blend and Gentle Sweet and made my first recipe and I was very impressed.

Yes, a new journey had begun.


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