My Journey to Better Health Part 6

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

I’m going to back track a bit today.

After doing the menus with Faithful Workouts of a couple of months I noticed they repeated meals within the same week and sometimes even the next day. I like variety and my family wouldn’t be happy if we were eating the same meals all of time.

I’m not sure when I stopped doing Faithful Workout menus, I’m guessing it was around September. By that time I felt I had a good handle on what was healthier to eat so I started creating my own menus from Pinterest.

I found I loved discovering new things to eat in a healthy way and considered it a challenge to come up with meals.

I also found things I like for snacks, like Skinny Pop (love that), Late July Chia and Quinoa Chips with homemade salsas.

I also discovered Larabars, which I loved but I am moving away from now that I am finding a new avenue of health (I’ll talk about that in the future).

By September I was only using Faithful Workouts for the workouts. I’m okay with that. To me it’s still worth it because I love Michelle’s (the owner) positive messages and the workouts are at my level.

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy digging around for recipes you would probably want to stick with following someone else’s plan to keep on track, so do that if that works best for you.

Again, I’m just sharing the journey I have been on. Yours will be unique to you and what worked for me might not work of you.

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