My Journey to Better Health Part 5

Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash

So schooled started and if I was going to keep up what I had been doing all summer I was going to have to make sure I got up early.

My morning routine in the past was get up around 5:20-5:30 and have my quiet time with Jesus. This is VERY important to me. Without this time I couldn’t survive life, I’m being real. Jesus has given me so much and healed so much in my life that I want to spend time with Him every day. I was not willing to give up that time.

But it started to happen.

When school started and I tried to workout five days a week for a half hour I would cut my time with Jesus short. Tuesdays were even worse because my daughter went to a Bible Study before school started and I ended up with no time to be with Jesus.

I had some reflecting to do.

I came to the realization that because of my beliefs and what was important to me, if I was spending more time on my body then on my spiritual health something was wrong. This was never supposed to be about me looking good. It was always about honoring what God gave me but if I’m not spending time with God how was I honoring Him?

God had blessed me with dropping weight left and right, I wanted to bless Him as well.

I decided not to workout on Tuesdays so I could spend the whole time with Jesus and on the other four days I would only workout for twenty minutes (and sometimes it’s less if I over sleep–Jesus comes first for me).

I didn’t make this change until probably the end of October or so.

I stayed committed to healthy eating and the weight continued to slip off even though I was working out less. I’m sure working helps, I am walking and moving all of the time. And this summer I will go back to five days for a half hour because I sit so much during the summer.

By Thanksgiving morning I stepped on the scale and I was at goal weight. I had lost twenty-five pounds. I was completely astounded and my daughter was mad because we weighed the same. I weighted as much as I did when I got married. I couldn’t believe it. It also helped me enjoy Thanksgiving Day a bit more 🙂

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