My Journey to Better Health Part 4

Photo by Paul Van Bloem on Unsplash

I will admit when I first started following the Faithful Workouts menu I just wanted to eat. I remember crying out, “I’m tired of being hungry!” All I could think about was the awesome ice cream place close to the campground and how much I wanted to go devour a huge strawberry sundae.

The funny thing is when I finally did indulge in one I couldn’t eat it all. I only could eat about half.

The scale didn’t move for quite a while but I kept pressing on. Mainly because I started to see food as fuel for my body not just satisfaction. For me that mind-set changed everything.

I began to see that what I put in my body mattered and it was meant to keep my body operating the way God intended it.

This was all last summer so we where at the campground a lot. When I was home I would do the workouts on the computer but when I was at the campground I made the biggest sacrifice of all (sarcasm here). I got up early and walked. This is actually a big deal for me because I love sleeping in when I am camping. But when you basically live at the campground you can’t make that normal. So I started getting up and walking.

And guess what? I loved doing that. The time alone in the woods on the trails was so fulfilling. I loved the quite time in nature. I can’t wait to do it again.

By September, when school started I had lost about fifteen pounds. I couldn’t believe it. Even more amazing, I wasn’t craving all the junk I used too.

But now the real test, would I be able to keep this up when I went back to work?

Find out next week 🙂

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