My Journey to Better Health Part 3

rsz_11faithful_full_logo_copyThe day after my doctor told me if I started exercising I probably wouldn’t have to be on any medicine for my cholesterol I got an email that has changed my life.

I review books on my other blog and this email was from one of the people I review books for but this time they asked if we would be interested and willing to review Faithful Workouts. I would get a free one-year membership if I reviewed this program on our blogs.

At first I was like no, I can’t do that, I review books. But then I saw it for it was, my answer. So I signed up and started the program.

I loved that it kept the focus on Jesus. With some issues I have had in my past it would be very easy for this to become about me and how I look and for pride to take over. But every day I had this reminder that I was doing this because my body is gift from my heavenly Father and I should take care of what He gave me, not so others will notice me but so I can live a life full of energy to share His love with others.

I was also drawn to this program because it told me exactly what to eat all day long, including two snacks. I moved the snacks around. I don’t need a snack between breakfast and lunch but I do want one before I go to bed, so I changed that for myself.

The food is pretty much normal food. You don’t have to eliminate any food groups, I was even able to eat a potato every once in awhile (I love potatoes).

This is what I needed. It was easy, just go to my computer every morning and do the workout (typically a half hour) and eat what was on the list. Which was usually stuff I liked anyway. And I was surprised at some of the things I have tried and now love. Like quinoa. I didn’t know what that was before and now I love it.

In a nutshell, when I first started I would exercise five times a week for about a half hour and I followed the menu on the website pretty faithfully.

See ya next week with more of my journey.

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