Isn’t It Expensive to Eat Healthy?

Photo by William Felker on Unsplash

The short answer is: it can be. A lot of the recipes I use call for almond flour, coconut flour, coconut sugar, nuts, etc. If you tried to buy all of these at one time it would be crazy expensive.

What I have discovered is I will pick one new recipe and buy the ingredients for that. Usually other recipes will need the same ingredients later. Also, I don’t eat a bunch and my freezer is my friend.

When I make a sweet treat (that is healthy) I freeze it and only pull out one serving at a time. This means I need to think ahead about what I will be eating later in the day. Not only does this keep me from eating more then I should but it also keeps the food longer. So I only have to buy the almond flour once a month or even less because I have goodies in the freezer and have no need to make something new.

As far as fruit, it definitely doesn’t stay good very long. But apples, grapes, oranges all keep for a couple of weeks. This also satisfies that sweet craving we often want after a meal.

Buy carrots you have to peel. The ones that are already cut seem go bad so quickly. You can get a huge bag of carrots and they will stay good for a lot longer, at least mine do. Remember I am not a food expert in anyway, just someone who is trying things out.

Basically, don’t go out and buy all the different flours and sugars and oils right away. Ease into it. Also, moderation is key. Just because the energy balls are healthy doesn’t mean you should eat five of them. One or two at the most. You’re body will adjust to not eating so much, but it will take time.

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