For Hubby (and his lady friends)

Photo by elizabeth lies on Unsplash

I’m totally okay with joking about this. My husband is a teacher and that career is dominated by women, so my husband works with mostly women. When money got tight years ago and I started teaching at a pre-school we found many ways to save money. One was to make homemade granola bars for his lunch. So I found a recipe and he loved them and so did the teachers he worked with (which were all women).

But with my recent change in perspective on health I see that what I was making him was killing him and we needed to find healthy granola bars. I have found a few recipes he likes but I will share his favorite today. I do tweek the recipe a bit, thanks to the suggestion of this “lady friends” and it was a big hit. Probably not as healthy.

The recipe calls for two cups of oats. I split that and do one cup of oats and one cup of rice krispie cereal. I actually double the whole recipe to fill a 13×9 pan, so it ends up being two cups of each. I also use natural peanut butter, not almond butter, basically because it takes so much and almond butter is crazy expensive.

Here is the recipe. Hope you enjoy it!

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