My Journey To Better Health Part 1

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

I thought I would slowly share with you my journey to better health.

I have never really struggled with my weight too much. I am 5’7″. Not that that is overly tall but it’s good height and keeps things spread out. My weight has always fallen in the normal ranges for my size, but I have been at the upper range for quiet a while now, slowly creeping high and higher.

When I went to college I  gained about twenty-five pounds and you could tell. Right before I met my husband (I was nineteen) I decided to lose the weight. I did not do it in a healthy way at all. I barely ate anything. But I got down to where I am now.

We got married and by the time I got pregnant with our daughter I was back up to my college heavy weight. I only gained about twenty pounds while pregnant and as soon as she was born I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Something to note was that I never exercised. I would randomly walk with my mom or around the neighborhood but nothing consistent.

Anyway, three years later I got pregnant with my son and I gained about forty pounds with him. It didn’t come off as fast but I eventually got down to my pre-pregnancy weight without any effort.

I did go on health kick for while after he was born and dropped about five pounds and I stayed there for a long time. Teaching elementary music helped me maintain my weight since I was constantly dancing and moving.

But then I started teaching middle school and high school choir and we got a permanent site for camping so we started camping all summer. I was sitting around a lot more. I slowly put on five pounds one year. Another five pounds the next year and by this past summer I weighted more that I had ever weighed not being pregnant. Oh, and did I mention my cholesterol was very high. They never gave me a number, just said it was bad.

We’ll stop there for today and pick up next week.

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